ECR International Inc. announced the addition of two floor-standing condensing boiler models, the Dunkirk® DCCF-150 & DCBF-125, that meet ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient status. These combi and space heating boilers respectively are an extension of our current wall hung DCC & DCB product families. Both models feature our [AI] Control Technology. With this innovation, the boiler automatically calibrates with the touch of two-buttons. The onboard combustion control recognizes natural or LP gas, then continuously monitors the flame signal and adjusts gas and air flow to optimize efficiency and fuel savings.

In addition, our [AI] control technology is programmed to recognize the presence of an indirect tank. Dunkirk H2O indirect tanks range from 30 to 115-gallon capacities and feature 316L stainless steel or glass-lined construction designed for easy installation.

Both the DCCF-150 & DCBF-125 models feature a stainless-steel heat exchanger and offer AFUE of 95 percent. The DCCF-150 is also equipped with a stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger. The firing rate modulates up to 7:1 turndown ratio in DHW mode, and 5.7:1 turndown modulation ratio in heating mode. When in Domestic Hot Water Mode, the DCCF-150 Combi will fire at 153 MBH and provide up to 3.5 gallons/minute of domestic hot water at a 70° rise. Both models are rated at 125 MBH in Central Heating Mode.

“We designed the DCCF-150 & DCBF-125 boilers to simplify installations where cast iron boilers are being upgraded to condensing high-efficiency units,” said Michael Klas Director of Sales and Marketing. “These models, which are significantly lighter and more compact than cast iron boilers, reduce the need to re-route piping and provide a cost savings alternative to wall hung condensing boilers when wall space is not readily available.” Both products are featured on the Dunkirk website and are available where HVAC products are sold.