Since 1928

In 1928, Earle C. Reed established a manufacturing facility called the “Dunkirk Radiator Corporation” in Dunkirk, New York, to manufacture cast iron boilers and radiators. Over time, other companies were acquired to provide a diverse product lineup.

Today, Dunkirk is a leading brand of ECR (Earle C. Reed) International, an organization under the umbrella of Granby Industries, LP, a division of TerraVest Industries, Inc., of Canada. Granby Industries is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of residential, light commercial and light industrial tanks for the safe storage and distribution of combustible liquids.

Dunkirk continues to build gas and oil boilers inside our facility in Dunkirk, New York.

A commitment to the community 

Dunkirk is not just a product, brand or company. Dunkirk is made up of a talented team of individuals who take great care in delivering quality and dependability to their stakeholders. Dunkirk has always made a commitment to support their employees, their teams and their community, and that’s why Dunkirk is proud to be well-known for the extraordinary work culture that the company continues to enjoy today.