Dear Valued Customers,

Recently Columbia Gas of Massachusetts experienced high-pressure in the gas lines serving the Greater Lawrence, Andover and North Andover, Massachusetts area.  This tragic incident has been widely reported in the news and ECR International, Inc.  extends our sincere sympathies to the families that have been impacted.   The details concerning the incident as well as any questions customers may have can be directed to

ECR International gas-fired boilers are certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) in accordance with ANSI standard Z21.13 to operate at a maximum of 14” of water column (0.5 PSI).  Exposure to gas pressure above the maximum rating can cause significant damage to the gas valve, burner assembly, internal gas tubing and vent system. 

Your boiler may have been subjected to excessively high pressure on the Columbia Gas system in Massachusetts; to ensure customer safety ECR International, Inc.  is recommending the boiler should not be operated as damage to the components of the boiler may not be visible and any continued boiler operation could present a hazard. 

ECR International recommends a State of Massachusetts licensed professional contractor inspect the boiler along with a complete inspection of the flue venting system and gas supply line.  ECR International Inc, is requiring replacing the gas valve and other components that may have been affected.  Consumer safety is of primary concern and damage to the internal components of the boiler may not be easy to detect. 

Should you have any questions, please contact ECR International, Inc. at 1.800.325.5479