April 16, 2020 – (Utica, NY)  The engineers at ECR International, Inc. typically utilize the department’s 3D printers to prototype parts for boilers and other various heating and cooling equipment needs.  Since the Coronavirus pandemic, the employees have been looking for an innovative way to help people in the community while ultilizing this technology. 

Karl Mayer, Chief Furnace Engineer for ECR International, was contacted by his niece who works at Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo.  She came across an article about a Canadian boy scout, Quinn Callander, who figured out a brilliant way to relieve some of the pain the medical workers have to deal with from wearing protective gear all day long every single day on the frontlines. Face mask straps normally go behind the ears.  After a long day ears are sore.  This simple clip design keeps the straps of the face mask off the ears. The ECR team quickly assembled and began printing their first samples of the 3D printed face mask clips with the simple message engraved on them, “ECR Cares”.  Several other employees starting contacting local heath organizations to see if they would like to receive some of these special clips. 

To date several “ECR Cares” clips have been delivered to Erie County Medical Center, Buffalo General Hospital, Mohawk Valley Health System and Brooks Memorial Hospital. “Right now we’re producing about 200 every day,” said Ed Coluccio, Manager of Engineering Services for ECR International. “As long as people still need the clips, we’ll keep making them.”