June 12, 2017 – DUNKIRK, NY – We are very pleased to announce the new Dunkirk DMG Condensing Boiler! The DMG boiler is a high efficiency modulating condensing boiler. It is offered in two sizes, the DMG-240 and the DMG-380.

The DMG 240 is a Residential/Light Commercial wall mount boiler featuring:

  • 95% AFUE Efficiency
  • 6.7:1 Turndown Ratio
  • Optional Floor base kit when wall mounting is not practical
  • Includes the Labor-Saver Primary/Secondary Manifold

The DMG 380 is a Commercial Floor Model boiler featuring:

  • 95%  Thermal Efficiency
  • 10.5:1 Turndown Ratio
  • Floor Model
  • Includes the Labor-Saver Primary/Secondary Manifold

Options for both models include:

  • Outdoor Air Sensor
  • Indirect Tank Sensor
  • Coaxial, Twin Pipe, and Common Vent Components
  • CSD-1 Kits
  • LP Conversion kits

The DMG boiler is ideal for larger homes as well as commercial applications including multiple unit dwellings, offices, churches, schools, etc. When matched with our H2O High Output Commercial Indirect tanks the Dunkirk DMG Boiler can meet all your heat and domestic hot water needs.