Boilers - Condensing Gas

When considering a condensing boiler for your home, ECR International provides you with a variety of choices to meet your needs. Our latest up to 95% AFUE wall mount gas-fired condensing boiler features an innovative vertical mounted, helical fin tube heat exchanger. This modulating, sealed combustion boiler with built-in Outdoor Temperature Reset could save you up to *40% on your heating bill each year. *(Individual savings may vary).

DCCF/DCBF High Efficiency Floor-Standing Modulating Condensing Boiler

Combi models 115.5 - 205 MBH and heating models 93.5 - 165 MBH. All models are 95% efficient


Helix VLT Vertical Laser Tube, Wall Hung Modulating Condensing Boiler

50, 75, 100, 150, & 200 - All Dunkirk Helix VLT capacities are 95% efficient

DCB/DCC 100-150 Modulating Condensing Boiler

DCC/DCB High Efficiency Wall Mounted Modulating Condensing Boiler

100, 115, 125, 150, 165, 205 MBH All models are 95% efficient AFUE

240 Unit

DMG 240 High Efficiency, Condensing Hot Water Boiler

240 MBH Residential and Light Commercial models are 95% efficient

Q90 Condensing Boiler

Q90 Series 4

50 - 75 - 100 MBH.  All models are 90% efficient.


Multiple Boiler Control (MBC-AMB4BDK)

The Dunkirk MBC will allow customers to optimize usage and efficiencies of their current boiler systems through one control.

Boilers - Gas

ECR International takes pride in its ability to deliver a complete package of heating and cooling products. An integral part of the ECR product family is our gas and oil-fired boilers for residential and commercial buildings. High efficiencies, easy maintenance and installation features, along with limited lifetime warranties make our gas and oil boilers the preferred choice of contractors and homeowners alike. Our line of products are designed, tested and assembled to ensure that our customers get the very best in home heating comfort and value.

The complete line of boiler products has earned a reputation for exceptional quality, performance and dependability. Highest quality components and testing standards are supplemented by a computerized process that tracks components to finished goods. ECR International's highly trained and skilled workforce ensures that our products and service are among the best in the industry.

DXL-K Series

59, 92.5, 120, 149, 175, 205, 235 MBH


DWB Series

Combination (Combi) - Heating and Domestic Hot Water (Model CCB-150) Space Heating-Only (Models CHB130 & CHB 100)

XEB Series 3 Boiler

XEB Series 3

42.5, 75, 112.5, 150, 187.5 MBH

WPSB Series 3 Boiler

WPSB Series 3

Natural Gas (D Models)
75, 112.5, 150, 187.5, 225, 262, 299 MBH

Propane (DP Models)
70 - 105 - 140 - 175 - 210 - 245 - 280 MBH

PSB Series 2 Boiler

PSB Series 2

75, 112, 150, 187, 225, 262, 299 MBH

Boilers - Oil

Hot water boilers are backed by the most straightforward, comprehensive warranty in the industry – including a limited lifetime on the entire heat exchanger, not just the sections. All other components are covered for one year from the date of installation.

Excelsior EXB-Front View

Excelsior EXB Series

105, 126, 140, 182, 231 MBH

Empire EWC

112, 140, 175, 217 MBH

Dunkirk Domestic Hot Water Module

The Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Module is a great way to make domestic hot water using an existing boiler.

Oil Fired Steam Boiler

Dunkirk SBO Oil Fired Steam Boiler

119, 147, 175, 210 MBH

Indirect Hot Water Heaters

Now offering both stainless steel and glass lined indirect hot water heaters.

H2OI Single Coil Stainless Steel Indirect with Cutaway

H2OI Single Coil Stainless Steel Indirect Water Heaters

30, 40, 40L, 50, 60, 60L, 80 & 115 Gallon

H2OBT Stainless Steel Buffer Tank

H2OBT Stainless Steel Buffer Tanks

40, 60, 80 & 115 Gallon

H2OST Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

H2OST Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

30, 40, 60, 60L, 80 & 115 Gallon