• XEB Series 3 Boiler

XEB Series 3

XEB Series 3

The XEB Series 3 Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler is available in 5 sizes from 42.5 MBH to 187.5 MBH with an AFUE of up to 84.4%.

The XEB Series 3 features a Honeywell High Limit/Electronic Control.

  • Recessed under the boiler's protective jacket
  • Digital temperature display and diagnostics
  • Plug in connection for the inducer fan
  • Plug in connection for the system pump

Control monitors the water temperature and delays the burner starting until residual heat has been transferred. This maximizes efficiency by turning on the burner only when needed.

An Induced Draft Fan allows flue gasses to be pulled thought the boiler and exhausted through a chimney or side-wall vent.

The XEB Series 3 features a small compact design, ideal for low clearance installations and a Cast to Last, 20 Year Non-Prorated Limited Warranty.


  • Efficiency: Mid-Efficiency
  • Capacity: 42.5, 75, 112.5, 150, 187.5 MBH
  • Heat Exchanger: Cast Iron
  • Combustion: Atmospheric
  • Venting: Chimney or Side Wall Vent
  • Boiler Type: Hot Water
  • Boiler Control Module: Recessed Honeywell Control (High Limit/Electronic Ignition Control).
  • User Display Interface: Digital Temperature Display.
  • Heat Exchanger: Cast Iron Sections with Cast Iron Push Nipples.
  • Combustion: Completely Installed and Wired Gas Control System with Titanium Composite Burners and Manifold consisting of: Automatic Redundant Combination Gas Valve, 24 Volt Intermittent Pilot Control, Continuous Retry 100% Shut Off, Combination Pilot Burner/Electrode/Flame Sensor.
  • Electrical: 24 Volt Transformer, Service Switch.
  • Safety: Flame Roll-Out Safety Shut-Off (Fuse Link) and Pressure Switch (vent safety shut-off) with Spare Fuse Link included.
  • Other
    • Assembled Boiler with Insulated Jacket
    • Induced Draft Fan
    • Combination Temperature/Pressure Gauge
    • Circulator Pump
    • 3/4" Drain Valve
    • 30lb. ASME Relief Valve


  • Natural Gas or Propane 
  • Fill-Trol 
  • Thimble 
  • Sidewall Vent Hood

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Product Testimonials

  • Powerful and efficient unit replacing a 1995 model

    Timothy Rowland
    Clarks Summit, PA
  • It has performed well and is quieter when it is running than the boiler it replaced.

    Edward Goerss
    Akron, NY
  • I would recommend cast iron boilers.  Not high efficiency boiler.  Broke 10 years our and no parts.

    Jean Feldman
    Hamburg, NY
  • I am very satified with this product.

    Richard Dupree
    Binghamton, NY
  • Well built and long lasting.

    Jeff Zavinski
    Warren, PA
  • Seems like a well built product

    New Stanton, PA
  • Dunkirk is a good name that has a good rep.

    Eldred, PA
  • Yes. Runs quietly and seems to be built well.

    Richard Heitzenrater
    Gasport, NY